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Apple’s great escape from China: iPads will also be produced in India


Little by little, Apple is moving important pieces of its supply chain to India . The target? Reducing its dependence on China, which with its zero-covid policy has compromised the punctuality of deliveries of the new iPhone 14s. And this, of course, without mentioning the risk (remote, but up to a certain point) of a deterioration in relations between China and the United States of America.


Apple has understood for a long time now that it cannot bet everything on its suppliers in China. Hence the need to diversify the supply chain as much as possible, in order to survive the increasingly frequent shocks of geopolitics.

The advantages are many: from labor costs, which are always very low, to the presence of a hyper-specialized supply chain that is already at the forefront, as well as the fact that India is one of the most important global markets.

For the moment there is nothing definitive yet: Apple has yet to obtain the necessary authorizations. According to CNBC , a dialogue is underway with local authorities and some Indian partners.


But, at least at the beginning, not everything could go smoothly: the new Indian workers will not have the same experience as their Chinese counterparts, and a long period of training will certainly be necessary – which could obviously create delays. There certainly seems to be that Apple intends to move more than 25% of the production of its devices to India. The company has given itself until 2025 to achieve this goal.



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