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Apple’s 16-inch iPad could debut in 2023

According to the information we come across, Apple is working on the iPad model with a 16-inch screen.

We have recently conveyed to you that Apple has quietly offered the new iPad Pro and the 10th generation new iPad model , powered by the M2 chipAccording to a report by The Information based on sources close to the company, Apple may come up with an interesting iPad model next year.


Leaks about Apple working on a 14- or 15-inch iPad model have previously appeared . According to the information we come across today, Apple is working on the iPad model with a 16-inch screen.


The new 16-inch iPad model is expected to be introduced in the last quarter of 2023 . To remind you, the screen size of the largest iPad Apple has ever produced was 12.9 inches . This situation is expected to change with the iPad model that will appear next year. 

There is currently no information on what features the 16-inch iPad model will have. It would not be wrong to say that Apple aims to reach  designers and various professional users with the 16-inch iPad model .

The new iPad model may also be powered by a new processor that may be introduced next year. There is no information about whether the developed iPad model will be included in the iPad Pro family. We will continue to inform you about the developments regarding the 16-inch iPad model that Apple is working on.



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