Apple will let developers produce AR apps by talking to Siri

Apple will allow developers to produce AR apps by talking to Siri. Let’s add that these produced applications will meet the App Store users. 

We have conveyed to you that Apple has shelved its plans for augmented reality glasses and has completely stopped the development process of the glasses . The main reason why Apple stopped the development activities of augmented reality glasses was technical difficulties. While the company focuses on mixed reality glasses, it does not neglect to come up with new features in this context. 


According to the news of The Information, Apple will enable developers to produce AR applications by talking to Siri. Let’s add that these produced applications will meet the App Store users. 

In fact, behind this application development tool by Apple lies the technology of Fabric Software, which it acquired in 2017. According to the shared information, the development tool can enable users to develop an augmented reality application with virtual animals. When developing the application in question, developers do not need to model the animal from scratch, program its animations and calculate its movement in 3D space. Thus, an AR application with virtual animals that can easily move on real objects can be implemented. 

It is thought that there will be a version of the development tool without Siri. The inclusion of Siri in the vehicle, on the other hand, may aim to quickly launch AR applications by increasing the user experience as well as accessibility. 

In addition to this new tool, it should be noted that Apple is working on a new way for 3D modeling that allows scanning real objects with a hood. If Apple’s efforts pay off, it will make it significantly easier for users and developers to step into the world of augmented reality. This can pave the way for new ways of purchasing and product testing for both brands and users.

In addition, when we look at Apple’s product family, we can say that there will be significant AR-oriented changes in the field of Fitness and health with the augmented reality glasses. Apple’s AR fitness apps can be associated with both the Apple Watch and the Fitness Plus service.


When we evaluate all these, it is possible to say that the user experience will gradually move to the AR layer in the near future. 


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