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Apple will explain to developers the reasons why their apps were banned

Apple will explain to developers the reasons why their apps were banned.


In a recent Financial Times report, well-informed sources reported that Apple is considering becoming more transparent to developers regarding App Store decisions. App Store guidelines are notoriously strict, and developers often don’t receive a specific explanation as to why their apps are being taken down .


According to the report, Apple would have declared its intention to share more details on the decisions made for the management of the App Store, providing specific reasons for the removals. The issue has recently resurfaced following the removal of Chinese and Russian apps from local versions of the App Store. More than 30,000 apps were removed from the Chinese store during 2020 and, in 2021, apps related to study and religion were removed. In 2022, the Russian version of the App Store saw a similar wave of takedowns, prompting a company of activists to demand an explanation from Apple.

Apple has not yet commented on the report, but the precise details suggest it could be true. According to the sources, Apple will publish the number of apps removed for each country and the reasons why they were removed in its Transparency Report .

It would be a revolution that brings a wave of new transparency within the Apple marketplace. Not the only big change coming: remember that soon Apple will have to make iOS a little more like Android, upsetting its ecosystem.



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