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Apple Watch 2022: no glucose and pressure sensors, postponed once again


In two months, Apple will present the new generation of Apple Watch . There will be three, for the first time the Apple Watch Pro line will make its debut , a high-end version of the smartwatch dedicated to sportsmen (but not only).

According to the well-known journalist of Mark Gurman, the Pro model will feature a more spacious display and a high-quality steel case. However, the journalist also invites us not to have big expectations in terms of the generational spurt: there will be no fireworks or big surprises, the technology will remain roughly unchanged.

Gurman claims that the new smartwatches will not sport new types of sensors compared to those already present on the Apple Watch currently on the market. In other words, there will be no new sensors for detecting blood glucose levels or for measuring blood pressure . We will have to wait until 2023 for those.

Returning to the Pro model, the Bloomberg reporter claims that it will have a 7% larger display and that, also for this reason, “it may not appeal to all consumers.” In addition, the device will have an ultra-energy saving mode that would allow continuous use for several days in a row without the need to recharge it. As for the design, it will be an evolution of the current design: it will continue to be rectangular and the edges will not be flat.

  • Gurman: Apple Watch Pro to feature a redesign and larger display, new sensors delayed (


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