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Apple wants to make the iPhone 15 Pro ‘less sexy’ to balance consumer demand


The fever for the iPhone 14 Pro sends Apple into a tailspin. Consumer demand is completely biased toward high-end models. Moral? Finding the ‘basic’ models is very easy, while for the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max there are very long waiting times.


This a big problem, which Apple hopes to solve with the next generation. A new strategy aimed at bringing greater balance to the line-up, in the hope that, as a result, we can see a rebalancing of consumer demand.

In essence, Apple could reduce the differences between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro – which, moreover, would be in contrast with the rumors released so far, which spoke of an even more accentuated differentiation between the different models.

The iPhone 14 Pro currently accounts for 64% of Apple’s sales.


The iPhone 14 Pro currently accounts for 64% of Apple’s sales. Out of ten smartphones sold, almost 7 are iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max and just over three are iPhone 14 and 14 Plus . This important gap between the two models would have created an important bottleneck, accentuating delays and prolonging waiting times.


According to Nomura analysts, the iPhone 15s could therefore be a little more similar to their ‘Pro’ counterparts, gaining the dynamic island and a processor similar in performance to the one that will be mounted on the 15 Pros. The changes made to the iPhone 15 Pros and Ultra – analysts continue – would be minimal and not particularly interesting for the average consumer.



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