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Apple TV+ could finally arrive on Android smartphones


According to new rumors, Apple has finally convinced itself to bring its video-on-demand platform to Android as well. This is suggested by the leaker ShrimpApplePro, according to which the official Apple TV application, and therefore also Apple TV+ , will soon also arrive on Android smartphones and tablets .


It would not be particularly surprising and according to leading analysts it was only a matter of time. After all, Apple already some time ago had brought Apple Music to Android, its application for listening to streaming music on subscription. Also according to ShrimpApplePro, Apple Music for Android should receive a major update soon.

Apple TV+ content – ​​such as the acclaimed Ted Lasco series – cannot currently be played on Android devices . Android tablets and smartphones are not even mentioned on the official Apple supported devices page.

Yet Apple TV+ is a paid service that, on paper at least, should play in the same league as Prime Video and Netflix. What would be the point of depriving yourself of a user base made up of hundreds of millions of people in Europe alone?


According to Bloomberg, Apple has stalled until now for fear that bringing all its services to Android could have hurt iPhone sales, but it’s really hard to imagine that a person could decide to buy an Apple phone exclusively (or above all) because Interested in the Apple TV+ library of TV shows and movies.


If anything, the opposite is true: bringing a large number of Android users closer to Apple’s ecosystem of digital services and products could be just a bait to convince them to take the leap and switch to an iPhone.



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