Apple sues Rivos for alleged spying


According to what recently reported by Apple , which has decided to start a real lawsuit because of this reason, the rival company Rivos would have stolen very important and confidential information of the company.

In this case, it is a real case launched against Rivos, with the Cupertino giant that has decided to sue the competition because of the SoC sector , with the latter having the opportunity to draw gigabytes of data in an unauthorized manner.

According to what was reported, Rivos would have hired over 40 employees who worked for Apple at System on a Chip , with at least two engineers among them who could have brought information out of the company premises, thus creating a rather serious espionage episode that it could damage your finances.

At the moment, as reported on the pages of Reuters, the company has not yet had the opportunity to comment on the issue, and consequently we do not know at all how everything will evolve in the future, considering that we will only have to see what it will be. the evolution of the legal process.

  • Apple lawsuit says ‘stealth’ startup Rivos poached engineers to steal secrets (Reuters)


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