Apple ready to cut costs and hiring in 2023?


As recently anticipated, Apple would have decided to reduce hires and costs over the next year for different areas of its company, as recently reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman .

According to the report in question, the company will not have to deal with changes affecting the whole team, with some not having to deal with repercussions regarding this specific choice.

Some teams will therefore receive a lower budget for resources, hiring and research and development than expected, at least in 2023 , with a stop to hiring for some departments and even layoffs. However, it is indicated that the company should have an aggressive product schedule in 2023, including its much talked about AR / VR headset .

This is certainly not the first company to propose a solution of this type, and indeed, according to what we know, over time we will find ourselves in front of several companies that will decide to make cuts of this type in the course of 2023, especially for the technology sector, in view of a subdued year from various points of view.

  • Apple Reportedly Plans to Slow Hiring and Spending for Some Teams in 2023 (MacRumors)


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