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Apple is working on the first MacBook Pro with touch screen (rumor)

Apple is working on the first MacBook Pro with touch screen (rumor).


According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on the first Macs with touch screens. It is not certain whether these devices will actually be released, but journalist Mark Gurman said in a tweet that we could see a MacBook Pro with a touch screen as early as 2025.


The report also argues that the screens could use OLED technology, compared to Mini LED displays currently found in 14- and 16-inch models. The project appears to be still in its infancy, with engineers “actively engaged” according to the report.

Gurman said there are no final plans for the launch of touch screen Macs and that strategy for the next product line-up could change rapidly over the next few months. After all, we’ve already seen Apple cancel projects in the past: according to Craig Federighi, the company had already created Mac prototypes with touch screens in the past, only to decide to abort the project and not put them on the market.

Gurman claims that the MacBook Pro protagonist of this rumor will also offer other new features, while maintaining the same form factor as the current MacBook Pro: same design, but with the ability to manage the screen using touch controls. If this product were to be released, it would be a significant breakthrough for the company.


Apple has avoided adding touch screens to its macOS devices , despite the success of iPadOS (and the arrival of apps designed for touch screens on desktops). As you know, Steve Jobs in the past criticized the first computers with touch screens and tools that use pens, calling them “bad from an ergonomic point of view” during the announcement of the iPad. The ‘nibs’ are now one of the most important accessories of the iPad, as for laptops with touch screens it seems that it is only a matter of little time.


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