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Apple is working on its first device with a foldable screen (it won’t be an iPhone)

Apple is working on its first device with a foldable screen (it won’t be an iPhone).


After years of rumors and speculation, it seems the release of Apple ‘s first foldable screen product is very close. According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on a large device with a folding screen. It probably won’t be a MacBook, as speculated last year, but an iPad (perhaps a new iteration of the Mini).


This foldable device, reports the 9to5mac site, could make its release in 2024, that is in a year. It seems that Apple for the moment is very careful not to want to enter the foldable smartphone segment. According to Ross Young, an equally well-known analyst specializing in the display chain, there is almost no evidence that Apple intends to immediately produce a foldable iPhone.

All clues, on the contrary, lead to a larger display. Always 9to5mac cites the case of the disastrous launch of the first Galaxy Fold, an extremely defective product that cost Samsung a lot in terms of reputation. Apple, which on the contrary wants to keep the reputation of a brand that produces impeccable premium devices, would still be stalling. We probably won’t see a foldable iPhone before 2026.

Conversely, the tablet market is of more marginal importance to Apple. Apple, in other words, believes it can experiment more freely. Both Young and Min-Chi Kuo believe that Apple could launch its first foldable iPad between 2024 and 2025, much sooner than most analysts previously predicted.



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