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Apple introduces Sing – Apple Music’s new karaoke mode is quite remarkable


Sing debuts on Apple Music : the new advanced feature dedicated to karaoke. It will be possible to play your favorite songs by making the text appear – perfectly spelled out – on the screen of your devices.


The Karaoke function can be played on iPhones, iPads, computers and even on TVs connected to an Apple TV. Sing illuminates the text one syllable at a time, following the song in real time. In short, it is much more accurate than other similar services that limit themselves to showing the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

Moreover, the function also offers ample control possibilities: for example, it is possible to scroll the text to go to the verse that interests us and the song will start again from the selected part. Sing also supports the ‘ duets ‘ function: the text is split into two parts of the screen, one for each ‘budding singer’.

To improve the Karaoke effect it is also possible to decrease the audio of the singer’s voice, while leaving that of the base unchanged. Sing already supports millions of different songs and the catalog is constantly updated. Apple already offers 50 different playlists for karaoke lovers: from Queen to the Beatles, all the classics are there.


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