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Apple Glass: the project has been archived, in their place a ‘cheap’ AR / VR viewer

Apple Glass: the project has been archived, in their place a ‘cheap’ AR / VR viewer.


According to new rumors relaunched by the well-known journalist Mark Gurman, Apple has (at least temporarily) archived the project to produce a pair of augmented reality smart glasses.


They were supposed to be Apple’s next big project, after the mixed reality headset that will be released later in 2023. Unlike the headset due out this year (which will probably cost over 3,000 euros), the AR glasses were described as a product intended for the mass public and therefore with a price tag that is certainly important, but still accessible to the average consumer (a bit like the iPhone).

Originally, Apple had planned to finish the design of the AR glasses in view of a launch in 2023. Then the deadline was postponed to 2025, but according to what we learn from Bloomberg, the company eventually decided to put the project on hold completely.

The design phase would have proved extremely problematic and Apple would still not have been able to create a satisfactory prototype. For this reason, the company has chosen to focus its resources on an affordable version of its AR/VR headset.


This viewer will at least partially incorporate the characteristics of the high-end product due out in 2023, but will have an affordable price, probably between 1000 and 1500 dollars. According to Bloomberg, this affordable mixed reality headset could come out between 2025 and 2026.



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