Apple fixes a vulnerability in Monterey, forgetting about Big Sur and Catalina


After Apple had the opportunity to publicly release macOS Monterey 12.3.1 at the end of last month , it emerged that the giant had provided greater security for all users with the new update, given that there were two vulnerabilities capable of allowing allowing hackers to run code to take control of the devices.


Unfortunately, however, while the situation has finally been resolved for Monterey , and it is only necessary to update one’s devices to prevent phenomena of this type from happening, the situation is still serious when talking about macOS Big Sur and Catalina , which despite continuing to be supported by the Cupertino giant, for some reason they have not had the privilege of receiving a fix to the problem, which therefore makes them currently quite dangerous.

As reported on the pages of Intego , for almost 10 years the company has taken care of fixing all the problems concerning the older and still supported versions in real time, and therefore it is the first case in which the giant has decided not to work in this sense, perhaps due to an internal error that will have the opportunity to be fixed over the next few days, with the situation actually being rather worrying.

The Intego pages have asked Apple for an explanation in this sense, highlighting the problem after confirming that this persists thanks to the reverse-engineering operations carried out , but it must be said that at the moment the company has not yet even answered the question. We do not know if and when a patch of this type will be seen, obviously hoping that any malicious people will have no way of exploiting the vulnerability of the two systems in the short term, not yet obsolete and in fact exploited by many users, which lead Apple to continue to support them.


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