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Apple finally focuses on OLED screens. On iPads in 2024 and MacBook Pros in 2026

Apple finally focuses on OLED screens. On iPads in 2024 and MacBook Pros in 2026.


We return, once again, to talk about the arrival of OLED screens on MacBooks. We have known for some time now that Apple is working on it and in the course of the last few months several rumors and many predictions have come out. According to a recent report, Apple is working to introduce OLED screens, which will replace mini LEDs, starting with the iPad and MacBook Pro generation due out next year. All in all, it wouldn’t be much.


According to the Korean newspaper ET News, Samsung will supply OLED panels. Apple requested a two-layer solution. A hybrid solution should ensure superior panel longevity and reliability. We remind you: Apple has stalled until now to introduce OLED technology on its larger devices precisely for fear of the burn-in problem.

Smartphones are one thing, which Apple customers tend to change every two or three years, iPads and laptops are another thing, which users tend to keep for a much higher number of years, increasing the risk that the pixels may burn out. More modern OLED panels, however, tend to experience this problem much less frequently than they used to.

Apple has already ordered suppliers to make two OLED displays, 10.86-inch and 12.9-inch respectively. They are both planned for 2024 . Later, from 2026, Apple will also receive 14- and 16-inch displays, which are obviously intended for the next generation MacBook Pros.



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