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Apple announces the AI ​​Summit: the first event in presence since the beginning of the pandemic

Apple announces the AI ​​Summit: the first event in presence since the beginning of the pandemic.


It’s a day of big announcements for artificial intelligence. This morning Google presented Bard, its answer to ChatGPT. In the same hours, Microsoft presented an event that is presumed to be dedicated precisely to the integration of the OpenAi chatbot within Bing.


And now it’s also the turn of Apple, which this year will also present its first headset for mixed reality.

Apple has announced the AI ​​summit, which will be held this month at the Steve Jobs Theater. The AI ​​Summit is an event that Apple holds every year and which can be described as a sort of WWDC, but dedicated exclusively to developments in the field of artificial intelligence. In general, Apple presents innovations aimed above all at developers, while it is more difficult for the Cupertino company to show products of interest to the general public. But who knows, this year has been decidedly unusual for the AI ​​field and we have seen how this world – thanks to products such as ChatGPT – has attracted the attention of even less geek users.

The event is also important for a second reason. It will be the first event in attendance – and not broadcast exclusively in live streaming – since the pandemic broke out.


Well-known Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman explained that the internal AI summit will have the same formula as the events prior to Covid. For the first time in over two years, the Steve Jobs Theater will open its doors to the public interested in discovering the innovations Apple is working on.


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