Anxiety: the quality of relationships is affected by it

Anxiety: the quality of relationships is affected by it.


Anxiety in man is proportional to the evil it generates in its environment. Its impact on him clouds reality itself. However, how anxiety affects relationships in the human environment will depend on the state of the person himself. Every case of human anxiety is unique, but there are patterns that repeat themselves. There are people who only receive a diagnosis after many years. In other cases, the couple who are victims of anxiety feel the changes and as an alarm bell they notice the problem, so it is easy to diagnose it. 


To go deeper and better understand anxiety, a study was done on 33 couples, where one member suffered from anxiety. The symptoms are a high level of emotional pain that ends up hurting even the other person who doesn’t suffer from anxiety. There is a sense of guilt or responsibility in the person with anxiety, there are also irritability and mood swings . First of all, however, anxiety creates a feeling of threat, so the mind misinterprets certain stimuli, sometimes even in a destructive way. People with anxiety are more likely to be single and have high divorce rates. 

People with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) need a human closeness made of affection, security and calm. They have a constant fear of being deceived, of not being loved, fear of being rejected. There are people who avoid relationships to deal with their anxiety. Thus they avoid negative emotions, generally they are people considered cold, lacking in empathy, detached, even if they need closeness. The same rules apply to anxiety in a relationship as to depression or other mental illnesses. We need understanding, closeness and support as well as specialized help.


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