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Anonymous changes target, now it’s China’s turn


The targeted cyber attacks of Anonymous do not stop . Now the hacker collective is targeting China , guilty of having maintained an ambiguous position on the war in Ukraine. Thus, after the sweeping attacks against Russia, the #OpChina operation has now officially started .


Leading the offensive is AgainstTheWest , a cell attributable to the galaxy of groups close to Anonymous. For the moment, the hackers have claimed attacks on Alibaba’s Cloud infrastructure and on JD , both Chinese e-commerce giants. Attacks also against WeCon, Tencent and China Guangfa Bank. The Chinese branch of Hyundai, based in Hong Kong, was also hit in the crossfire.

And the list is still long: AWS China , a subsidiary of Amazon Web Services, then Fenglian Technology and China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation were also affected. From IT infrastructures to oil and gas giants, passing through the giants of the production of chemical products. The goal is clear, to put the pillars of Beijing’s economy in difficulty .

The attacks against Chinese companies came unexpectedly and now raise several questions. So much so that Antonio Pescapè on AGI uses the expression “first world cybernetic war”.


Immediately after the invasion of Ukraine, the hacker collective known as Anonymous threatened serious retaliation against the Russian Federation. Since the outbreak of the conflict,  media sites such as Russia Today and Sputnik have been hacked , as well as the official portals of the main institutions. Last week, the Russian authorities had spoken of  a “serious and unprecedented” situation , in relation to the frequent and seemingly unstoppable attacks by pro-Ukrainian hackers.



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