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Announced a new event dedicated to video games, in 2023

The first edition of the event called The Game Expo will take place on 11-12 March 2023, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Game Expo is the name of a new Melbourne-based event, put together by the likes of Battle Arena Melbourne, The Big LAN, ITZ Gaming, Kanga Esports and Events Engine.


The event will take place over Moomba weekend, 11-12 March 2023 , at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

As reported by Stevivor , in fact, this is the first ever edition of a new fair dedicated to the video game industry.


Apparently, it will be something completely different from the now well-known The Game Awards , the next edition of which is expected in just a handful of days.

Announced a new event dedicated to video games, in 2023

“You can immerse yourself in eSports tournaments from beginner to professional level ,” the organizers explained in a press release.


«You will be able to show your creativity and meet creators who will show wonderful cosplay, artwork, and meet Youtube or Twitch content creators».


And again: « Relax and have fun with games of all types , from board and card games, to free games on consoles and a massive BYOC LAN for PCs. And see games from indie developers and big publishers. Whatever you like in the gaming community, you’ll find it at The Game Expo.”

The exhibit will have four distinct sections , each representing a different aspect of the game: tournaments, cosplay, gameplay, and an exhibition space. In short, on paper it promises to be an event similar to gamescom or, with the right differences, Milan Games Week.

It should be noted that ‘guests, tournaments and more’ will be announced in the run-up to the event, so it might be worth waiting for tickets (if you’re planning a trip to Australia , of course).


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