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Annapurna Interactive Showcase announced: here is the date and time of the event


Annapurna Interactive announced their event with a trailer. The Annapurna Interactive Showcase will be broadcast on July 28, 2022 , at  21:00 Italian time . The trailer, which you can find below, concludes by announcing that during the event we will be able to take a look at new announcements, gameplay videos and some other surprises.


The trailer doesn’t actually include many details, but it does show Stray ‘s presence at the opening – which we remind you will be available starting July 19, 2022 – along with other indie titles published by the publisher. A detail that suggests that the event could focus mainly on independent productions.


In last year’s edition there were several quality productions highlighted during the show, think of Solar Ash ,  The Artful Escape and the Echoes of the Eye  DLC   for  Outer Wilds . This year, however, there could be more than a surprise, some rumors suggest that we will see a new  Silent Hill title , since the project should have been entrusted to Annapurna Interactive. To find out, we just have to wait until July 28th.


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