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Android 13 has already been installed on 5.2% of all devices out there

According to the latest official Android distribution numbers provided by Google, Android 13 is now installed on 5.2% of all devices.


According to the latest official Android distribution numbers provided by GoogleAndroid 13 has now been installed on 5.2% of all devices, less than six months after launch.

Not too long ago, Google informed developers about the adoption rate of each version of the operating system on a monthly basis. The report is now published on a less regular basis.

The report was last published in August, just a few days before the Android 13 launch. Today marks the first update of the distribution table of 2023 and offers a first look at how rapidly Android 13 is spreading across the world. world.

According to Android Studio, phones and tablets running Android 13 now account for 5.2% of all devices. Meanwhile, Android 12 and 12L now account for 18.9% of the total, a significant increase from 13.5% in August. Note that while Google’s table divides the data according to the specific version of Android 13, by now the company no longer distinguishes between Android 12 and 12L.


Looking at the older versions, we see that Android Oreo usage has finally dropped below 10%. Android Jelly Bean, which previously weighed 0.3%, is no longer listed, while KitKat dropped from 0.9% to 0.7%. Without a doubt, the speed of adoption of Android 13 is due at least in part to the rapid distribution of updates by phone manufacturers, including Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony and others.


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