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An Open World Action Project Resembling Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima: The Perceiver Announced

In addition to adopting the Chinese game culture, the production, which tries to lay the foundations of the open world and combat, has been announced for many platforms.

Isn’t the gameplay of the productions from the Chinese game culture and the way they are presented to the game lovers something else? In addition to deep but sometimes monotonous storytelling, the intense use of animation and visuals u, unfortunately,causes us to incorrectly classify games from the East. Therefore, developers have been trying to make productions that are close to Western culture to destroy this perception.


Project: The Perceiver, which tries to interpret the Western style as well as their own culture, is inspired by the Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro and embraces game lovers with intense action.

What is Project: The Perceiver and what is it not?

17ZHE Studio, within the Chinese studio Papergames, has officially announced the open-world action genre Project: The Perceiver. While The Perceiver will debut on many platforms, including PS4 and PS5, the game’s release date is not yet known.

The world, in the swamp of endless war, is doomed by the chaos of conflicting beliefs. As a Varietas Master, the production, where we will encounter various characters and beliefs (ideals), is about our escape from enemies and awakening mysterious magic.

Witness action-packed moments as you explore ancient cities in a glamorous fantasy world and embrace beliefs and masks inspired by Lao Zhuang’s teachings. Give it you’re all in dangerous yet adrenaline-fueled sword fights.


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