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An AI flew a military fighter jet for over 17 hours for the first time in history

An AI flew a military fighter jet for over 17 hours for the first time in history.


For the first time ever,  artificial intelligence was able to fly a military fighter jet for over 17 hours. The test took place last December, but the results of the experiment were only disclosed during these hours.


An AI recently flew the Lockheed Martin VISTA X-62A for over 17 hours, a military fighter designed, starting from an F-16, for just this kind of application. VISTA can simulate the characteristics of other aircraft, the abbreviation stands for Variable In-flight Simulation Test Aircraft.

It’s the first time AI has been employed in this way on a tactical aircraft, Lockheed says. The goal is to use the new platform to test aircraft designs that can be piloted autonomously . A new frontier of aviation, where pilots in the flesh will play an increasingly marginal role (of course, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell permitting).

Lockheed co-designed the AI ​​with Calspan and the software was successfully tested at Edwards Air Force Base, California.


“VISTA will enable us to enhance the development and testing of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology for next-generation unmanned aerial vehicles,” said M. Christopher Cotting, US Air Force director of research.

The Air Force has launched a program for the development of self-driving military fighter jets since 2020. The project is called Skyborg and Lockheed Martin is participating in the initiative after winning a 400 million dollar contract.



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