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AMD confirms, some Ryzen are automatically overclocking


There was talk on the net of how a problem with AMD ‘s drivers was overclocking the company’s processors automatically, without making any kind of request to users and therefore without them being aware of the problem.


Obviously, these were not voluntary operations by the company, which is obviously required to notify users of operations of this type and to ask for the necessary authorizations to warn anyone who is changing the settings of their devices.

The colossus was able to confirm the problem on the pages of Tom’s Hardware , thus dispelling any doubts regarding all the reports that have been seen recently, and explaining that due to an error with its drivers, some CPUs Ryzen are being overclocked without the knowledge of users, thus managing to provide better performance with various compromises, including higher temperatures, wear and energy consumption. Find below the official statement of the giant in this regard:

We are aware of an issue with the AMD software suite that is adjusting some AMD processor settings for users. We are working to investigate this issue and will provide more information as soon as possible.


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