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Amazon uses artificial intelligence to adjust the volume of its movies and TV series

Amazon launches Dialogue Boost, the AI ​​that improves understanding of dialogues. The first test with a very high budget series

Amazon uses artificial intelligence to adjust the volume of its movies and TV series.


Amazon’s Dialogue Boost, assisted by artificial intelligence, will make movies and shows easier to understand, according to It seems that Jeff Bezos’ company is trying to solve this problem by using artificial intelligence to provide better volume control. The new program, called Dialogue Boost, is available to users with some original programs, including Jack Ryan and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


Rafael Soltanovich, vice president of technology at Amazon Prime Video, explains that the AI ​​technology works by analyzing the original audio and identifying points where dialogue may be difficult to perceive compared to the background music. Audio levels are then artificially boosted to compensate, resulting in a focused listening experience that is purportedly superior to center channel boost. Of course, only background music and effects are mentioned in all examples; there is no mention of dialogue adjustment for films made in the “mumblecore” style (very low budget). Amazon is rolling out new AI technology as a way to make more movies and shows accessible to viewers. As Soltanovich pointed out, Closed-captioned and audio-described content is increasing every month, with the hope that Dialogue Boost will continue to provide acceptable alternatives to willing viewers. The question is whether Dialogue Boost is able to make the dialogues understandable when it comes to an artistic choice of the directors. The real test of Amazon’s AI Dialogue Boost technology will come with big-budget blockbusters and their booming soundtracks. Sound designers have more tools at their disposal and there is a drive for “realism” in sound; since not everything can be heard with perfect clarity in real life, why should it be like this in a movie? Amazon’s AI technology won’t be perfect, now or a few years from now, if it ever will be, but at least it presents a possible solution.


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