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Amazon Italy in tilt: impossible to complete orders, what happens?


Today, Wednesday 7 December, hundreds of users reported some serious disservices from Amazon Italy . The problems concern the e-commerce website, which apparently would not allow you to complete orders.


After placing the goods in the cart, the site simply refuses to carry out the payments correctly, preventing you from registering the order . It is one of the first times that a problem of this type involves Amazon, usually quite effective and without major bugs or outages.

The user receives an error message warning him that the purchase cannot be completed due to unusually heavy traffic . The causes of the problem are not yet known and as we write this news Amazon Italy has not yet shared any release.

It is clearly unlikely that the problem really lies with an excessive spike in traffic to Amazon. E-commerce has never given such problems even during Black Friday or Prime Days, that is when hundreds of thousands of users flock to the site simultaneously to take advantage of the best offers. It is unlikely that it is a DDoS attack, considering the cloud infrastructures available to Amazon. We will update you as new information comes out.



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