Amazon gives a 5 € voucher to some users


There are many situations in which Amazon finds itself wanting to give a gift to its customers, although in this case we are not talking about an initiative unfortunately dedicated to all customers of the well-known E-Commerce platform .

We are specifically dealing with a gift voucher with a total value of € 5 valid only for the first 10,000 activations , and which does not arrive on all accounts, although fortunately it is possible to access the dedicated page in order to find out if you are were lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the bonus in question.

It should be noted that once redeemed this can only be used for the purpose of purchasing items sold by Amazon EU , which are not conditioned among other things, and it is because of this that some users may not be able to view the discount accordingly. in your cart, considering that you need to have spent a minimum of € 15 (to be calculated other than the value of the voucher).

To activate it, simply activate the production from the page of which we left you the link in order to redeem the gift for your account, at least checking that you are part of this small initiative that arrived thanks to the company.


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