Amazon doubles the maximum base salary of employees in the US


As confirmed on the pages of the Washington Post , Amazon has decided to increase the salary of employees to prevent more and more employees from leaving the company. This is a maneuver obviously not convenient in the short term for the pockets of the giant, but which apparently is particularly necessary in the territory of the United States .

In fact, we are talking about a place where work is certainly not cheap, and indeed, companies find themselves competing to grab more and more employees. As officially confirmed, the company has decided to increase the maximum base salary of employees to $ 350,000 , more than double, given that this was around 160,000 .

Obviously, with the company in constant growth, this maneuver was easier than it had been in the past, as well as necessary, given that an abandonment by many employees could come to stop the operations of the giant in several cases. .

For the moment this is an increase, however, linked only to the territory of the United States, it is good to specify, although it is not certain that over the next few months and years Amazon will not find itself adjusting the remuneration of all jobs in proportion. in the rest of the world.




  • Amazon to increase base pay cap for employees as it competes for workers (The Washington Post)


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