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Amazon announced the layoff of another 18,000 employees

Amazon announced the layoff of another 18,000 employees.


Amazon has announced a new redundancy plan, which will involve a higher number of employees than previously communicated. CEO Andy Jassy explained that the plan was made necessary by the climate of economic uncertainty and that the corporate restructuring was agreed with the heads of the various departments in which Amazon branches.


Overall, 18,000 Amazon employees will be laid off . The company will provide assistance to employees affected by the redundancies, for example by helping them find new employment.

Amazon is one of the largest companies globally, with approximately 800,000 employees worldwide. The redundancies are part of a larger company restructuring operation announced towards the end of 2022 and which, as they had already seen, involved numerous internal changes and a rearrangement of the giant’s strategy and objectives. For example, a few months ago news emerged of a downsizing of the division which, among other things, also deals with the development of Alexa products.

The bulk of the cuts will focus on the Amazon Stores and PTX. All employees who will be left at home, explains the CEO, will receive a package that includes a severance indemnity, as well as the extension of transitional health insurance benefits and a helpline to facilitate reintegration into the world of work. I work for third party companies.



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