allocated a budget of 62.6 billion euros

Poland will realize the largest road investment in its history.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that the government has set aside 294 billion zloty (62.6 billion euros) for the “biggest ever” national road investment programme.


In his speech at the “National Road Construction Program” introductory meeting, Morawiecki said that as the government, they plan to develop a network of highways, ring roads and expressways.

Announcing that they have allocated zloty 294 billion for the investment program, Morawiecki emphasized that this will be the largest national road investment in the country’s history.

Emphasizing that economic development is linked to infrastructure development, Morawiecki said, “With this program guaranteed from the state budget, 2000 kilometers of roads will be built. Highways create opportunities to involve districts and municipalities in the investment process. 12 thousand new jobs have been created in the last 3-4 years.” made its assessment.

Recalling that the war with Russia continues in Poland’s neighbor Ukraine, Morawiecki said, “Despite the war, we do not slow down investments because they are the driving force of getting out of the crisis. In about 5 years, Poland will be one of the countries with the best connections. Sustainable development will be one of the countries with the best connections to all regions in Poland. We are doing everything we can to ensure that it reaches us.” he said.


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