Alexithymia: characterizing traits

Alexithymia: characterizing traits.


Alexithymia is an emotional disorder that affects the ability to recognize, express and manage one’s emotions. It is a condition that is still little known, but which is becoming the subject of increasing interest from the scientific community.


One of the characterizing traits is a reduction in expressed and recognized emotions, both in verbal and non-verbal terms. People with this disorder may have difficulty describing their emotions and identifying those of others. They may also be unable to express feelings of joy, sadness, anger, or other emotions.

Another typical symptom is difficulty getting in touch with your emotions. People with this disorder may feel helpless or disconnected when it comes to managing their emotions. Also, they may have difficulty expressing their needs and desires.

Physically, people with alexithymia may experience a slow heart rate , tense muscles, sweating, trembling, and other symptoms of stress. Additionally, they may have trouble concentrating, short-term memory issues, and low self-esteem.


In terms of treatment , alexithymia can be treated effectively with the help of psychotherapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapies . With professional help, affected individuals can learn to recognize their emotions, manage them, and express their feelings appropriately.

In conclusion, alexithymia is an emotional disorder that is still little known , but which is becoming increasingly important. It can be successfully treated with the help of psychotherapy, allowing people with this disorder to learn to recognize, manage and express their emotions appropriately.


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