AK Party Spokesperson Çelik: The understanding of diplomacy needs to be updated

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelik said, “The understanding of diplomacy needs to be updated and the world needs new software for peace. Otherwise, it has been clearly seen once again that it is not possible to maintain peace with these double standards.”

AK Party Spokesperson Çelik made statements while the AK Party Central Decision and Administrative Board (MKYK) meeting, chaired by President and AK Party Chairman Erdoğan, continued at the party headquarters.


Stating that last year’s most important agenda item was the Russia-Ukraine war, Çelik stated that this war led to some developments that shocked the whole world and radically changed some balances in the world.

Stating that the Russia-Ukraine war showed that Europe was not prepared for this in terms of both diplomatic and other aspects, Çelik noted that from the point of view of international institutions, these institutions could not produce many functions other than “advising”, “condemning” and “warning”.

Drawing attention to the statement of Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Relations and Security Policy, that he likens Europe to a beautiful garden and the rest of the world to a forest, Çelik said that a person in the position of the EU’s Minister of Foreign Affairs could only use a tone of the far-right. He said that his speech actually showed, in a way, how problematic the current software is, political and diplomatic software.

Çelik said, “Those who only think about the welfare of Europe, look at the world with a narrow Eurocentrism, deal with the problems behind the world only when they pose a problem for their own interests and security, in fact, these methods are not healthy at all, they can face these crises at any time, It was seen that they could face it.” he said.



Reminding that the Russia-Ukraine war, unexpectedly, brought a grain and energy crisis to the world, Çelik continued his words as follows:

“With the Ukraine-Russia war, it has been clearly and clearly revealed that we have passed into a phase where the seams of the world we know are unraveling. Of course, there were some basic codes of the world we know. One of them was the status regarding Germany and Japan, which were disarmed after the Second World War. Japan passed away this decision. Prime Minister Abe changed his decision with a referendum at the time. Germany also changed this decision after the Russia-Ukraine war. The picture that emerged showed that the world as we know it is coming to an end. A new world is emerging, but it is not clear what it is, by what rules we will operate… seen in many instances.”

Emphasizing that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s strong diplomacy has managed to keep Turkey in the safest position in this turbulence throughout this whole process, Çelik said that Turkey’s initiative on both energy, grain and prisoner exchange is a key factor for peace in Turkey. He said it showed he was playing a role.

Çelik also noted that it was clear that EU countries and institutions could not produce a vision by not providing enough support for Turkey’s diplomacy for peace.

Stating that the Russia-Ukraine war has created a structure that breaks the known habits and patterns, Çelik said, “This will be talked about more from now on. Because how the next world will be shaped depends entirely on the attitudes to be taken about the course of this war.” said.

“This understanding of diplomacy needs to be updated”

Stating that the foreign policy of France, President Emmanuel Macron, continued to be reduced to “anti-Erdogan” and “anti-Turkey” in this process, shows how deep the lack of vision, Çelik said:

“Macron’s visionless statement will never be forgotten. ‘It is unacceptable that the only country that speaks to Russia is Turkey and the only leader is Erdogan.’ This is the product of a mentality that looks at a very narrow understanding of competition, cannot reveal a vision, and continues to produce conflict instead of cooperation in the face of these difficulties that the world is going through in the most difficult times. When we look at all these tables, what we see is this. It needs new software. Otherwise, it has been clearly seen once again that it is not possible to maintain peace with these double standards.”

Çelik said that the developments regarding the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, Turkey’s allies; He emphasized that Greece also showed how much it lacks a perspective and capacity on peace by supporting its unilateral stance, spoiled and maximalist approaches.

Celik said, “The picture that Greece put forward by trying to create a de facto situation with the Greek part in both the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean is a picture that does not serve peace.” he said.

“Qatar hosted the World Cup with a successful organization”

Noting that the discussions within the framework of the 2022 FIFA World Cup came to the fore as the summary of many political debates in the world, Çelik stated that how much prejudice and how much provocation was made regarding the organization of the World Cup in an Islamic country.

Stating that Qatar hosted the World Cup with a successful organization, Çelik said, “This year, a picture emerged where very important matches were played and all the beauty of football was displayed. We congratulate Argentina once again on this occasion. World Cup in an Islamic country. I state that the realization of the Cup should be recorded as an indicator of how the prejudices produced in politics poison the society.” used the phrases.

“The fight against FETO will continue as strongly as the fight against other terrorist organizations”

Ömer Çelik stated that in December it was the anniversary of one of the attacks of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on Turkey’s unity and integrity:

“I would like to express that in terms of the integrity of our state and the future of our country, the fight against FETO will continue to be at the forefront of our national security, just like the fight against other terrorist organizations, and this fight will continue in a vigorous manner.”


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