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Airplane: Fixed the incident with the high voltage wires


Luckily, a plane crash in Maryland went well . A tragic episode but miraculously without victims. The small aircraft was entangled in high voltage power lines in Montgomery County. 


Since taking off from Westchester County in New York, its landing was to be at Montgomery County Airpark. The plane is a Mooney M20J and remained suspended at a height of 30 meters when rescue workers picked up the pilot and passenger. They had been trapped for seven hours after the crash. People were rushed to hospital due to the severity of their injuries. 

Rescue and salvage operations were particularly arduous, made even more difficult by a thick fog that had risen during the evening. You can see in the video that he captured the moment. A temporary grounding of the crews made it possible to cut off the electricity. A way to ensure that no residual energy passes through the structure. Meanwhile, the teams made sure to avoid the crash of the plane during the rescue. The incident estimated that 85,000 people were left without electricity , which was restored overnight. Public schools have also opted to close on Mondays due to the lack of electricity. 

  • Accident with plane entangled in high voltage power lines, all safe after 7 hours (


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