Aircraft: Germany evaluates the purchase of F-35s

Aircraft: Germany evaluates the purchase of F-35s.


Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht Lambrecht said: 


We will discuss a huge project in the next session of the parliamentary budget committee on 14 December, the F-35 with a volume of 10 billion euros in total.

Germany aims to purchase 35 F-35  stealth fighter jets , including missiles and other weapons and equipment. The first eight aircraft to be delivered in 2026. The new aircraft will replace the old fleet of Tornados and both variants. The attack one is the IDS (Interdictor/Strike) and the electronic warfare one is the ECR (Electronic Combat Reconnaissance). 


Germany will draw on the 100 billion euro special fund. The aim was to restore the Bundeswehr’s weapons and equipment to standard after the end of the Cold War. The F-35s will be configured with the Block IV TR (Technology Refresh) 3 in standard configuration. This covers a new core processor, a radar update, a new cockpit display and other software improvements. Berlin’s decision to buy the F-35s was announced in March and needs final parliamentary approval. Paris fears that such an agreement could be an obstacle for the development of the FCAS sixth-generation Franco-German fighter aircraft, ready in 2040. 

  • Germany to make final decision on F-35 purchase in days (


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