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AirBnB: bookings skyrocket in the post-pandemic, but growth is slower in Europe


From April to June, the AirBnB app was used to book over 104 million stays and ‘experiences’ (such as guided tours and restaurant tastings). It is a result that had never been achieved before by the platform, which is finally returning to breathe in the post-pandemic .

But as these numbers testify, this is not a mere return to normality. After more than two years of restrictions, consumers are taking major tourist destinations by storm. And then there is the phenomenon of smart working , with more and more people choosing to use AirBnb – or similar platforms – to book long-term stays. IT workers – and high-income professionals in general – are taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by teleworking to visit the world, in between calls on Zoom.

Company executives explained that most of the stays booked are longer than 7 days.

AirBnB explained that 2022 could become the most successful summer in its history. And if the economy were to blow up, it doesn’t matter. This could be good news. “AirBnB was founded in the midst of a recession ,” Brian Chesky, the company’s CEO, reminded investors. “We believe that in an unfavorable macroeconomic environment, many people could go back to looking at hosting as an asset for more revenue, which would translate into a huge opportunity for AirBnB.”

During the second quarter of 2022, bookings increased by 25% year-on-year. In the same period – thanks to the higher average prices – revenues increased by 58%. The main market continues to be North America, where bookings have increased by 37%. A performance significantly higher than that recorded in the rest of the world. In Europe, growth is proceeding more slowly, due to several factors: from the uncertainty of energy prices – with many consumers worried about the risk of skyrocketing bills in the autumn – to the collapse in the value of the pound, which has crippled bookings from the UK. ‘England.



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