Air travel: how to claim reimbursement for illness

Air travel: how to claim reimbursement for illness.


One of the problems that mainly afflicts travelers is the loss of money to buy a flight ticket. If it happens, especially in winter, that you cannot leave due to health problems, you can fix it to recover the money spent on the ticket. Reimbursement can be obtained in the event of cancellation due to illness or another impediment, but also if these concern a family member or a close relative.


Among the causes attested on the basis of the law, there is also a death in the family. Provided that it is sudden, and occurred after the flight was booked. However, reimbursement cannot be requested if the mourning affects a third-degree or fourth-degree relative. In order to obtain a refund following the cancellation of the trip for reasons not attributable , you must contact the airline or the tourist agency. To obtain a refund, you must promptly send the airline or agency all the documentation necessary to certify the impossibility of leaving. Together with the request, you must submit:

  • the identity document of those who cancel their flight
  • The airplane ticket
  • the medical certificate certifying the seriousness of the state of health
  • death certificate of the family member in the event that the cancellation of the trip is caused by sudden mourning

It also happens that the airline does not accept a refund or only offers the possibility of having a voucher . A voucher to be used to purchase a future flight. In this case, you can contact the Unc experts of the Tourism and Travel Desk for assistance.


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