AIDS: 301 children and adolescents die every day


Unicef ​​data on AIDS are alarming. Most AIDS deaths among children occurred in eastern and southern Africa, but also in western and central Africa. HIV remains a leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa, due to delayed diagnosis among adolescents


In 2021, only 878,000 of the 1.68 million children under 15 with HIV worldwide received antiretroviral therapy (52% coverage). 59% of children aged 0 to 14 live with the disease, aware of its state. Of those treated, one in five is not virally suppressed. 

Although worldwide estimates for adults aged 15 and over are below target, coverage of antiretroviral therapies is better. 86% of adults know their state of health, 76% are treated with antiretroviral therapies. Of those on treatment, 92% are virally suppressed.

Dramatic as they are , these figures represent progress on the situation in 2010, when 320,000 new infections were estimated among children aged 0-14 and 240,000 deaths from HIV-related causes in this age group.



Something must be done to lessen the severity of these statistics 

  • AIDS, Unicef: 301 children and adolescents die every day (


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