Aging: here is the solution according to the researchers


Researchers at the Universitè de Montrèal and McGill University have discovered a way to reprogram cell metabolism and slow down aging . This process is called cell senescence In summary, it is an enzyme complex. Its name is Htc, and it is made up of three enzymes (pyruvate carboxylase, malate dehydrogenase 1 and malic enzyme 1).

Its structure protects cells from hypoxia (lack of oxygen which can cause death). HTC remained hidden until researchers discovered it in samples from a mouse model of prostate cancer. Furthermore, also in tissue samples of the prostate affected by cancer. Experts found HTC in studying the chemical processes of cell metabolism .

The enigmatic complex has the particularity, however, not only of counteracting aging but is also effective against some forms of cancer .


Most interestingly, inhibiting these enzymes halted the growth of prostate cancer cells—results that suggested HTC could indeed become a key element in developing new anti-tumor therapies.



In the future, the first step will be to generate a detailed high-resolution structure of the enzyme complex. The goal is to create drugs capable of modulating its functionality.

  • The anti-aging solution? An enzyme complex that slows down the senescence of your cells (


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