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Ads appear in search results on Instagram

Users may encounter advertisements while navigating through the search results. Another innovation offered by Instagram in terms of ads was Reminder Ads.

Meta announced that Instagram is testing showing ads in search results. Thus, users will be able to encounter advertisements while navigating through the search results. After the testing process, it is planned to open the ads in the search results to all users around the world in the coming months. 


These ads will be associated with the search term. For example, people who search for “make-up” will see ads for makeup. Similar to streaming ads, the phrase “Sponsored content” will appear in these ads as well. 

Another innovation offered by Instagram in terms of ads was Reminder Ads. Reminder Ads allows businesses to send notifications to users about expected events or launches, to make announcements and remind users of them. 

Those who use Reminders about a brand’s event or launch will receive 3 notifications by Instagram. These 3 notifications will be sent 1 day before the event or launch, 15 minutes before and at the start time of the event or launch. Reminder Ads will be served to all advertisers. 


Meta’s advertising revenue, which was $32.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022, dropped to $31.2 billion. However, Meta is among the technology giants trying to reduce its workforce due to the compression in the global economy. The company, which has been trying to cut costs for some time, regularly emphasizes “efficiency” by saying goodbye to various departments and features. Meta, which had previously shrunk by 13 percent and laid off more than 11 thousand people , recently announced that it has dismissed more than 10 thousand people and closed nearly 5 thousand open positions . 

The realization of these new advertising models on Instagram, the apple of the eye of the Meta application family, is part of the company’s effort to increase its advertising revenues. 


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