Accusation from China to the USA: You are plundering Syria

The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of plundering the resources in Syria and violating the right to life of the Syrian people.

Accusation from China to the USA: You are plundering Syria.


Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Vinbin made an assessment about the allegations that appeared in the Syrian media that the US carried oil from Syria to the US base in northern Iraq with a convoy of 53 tankers last Saturday. Speaking in the capital Beijing the previous day, Vang said that according to official data of the Bashar al-Assad regime, more than 80 percent of Syria’s daily oil production was illegally smuggled by the US forces in the first half of 2022.


Claiming that “it is obvious that the USA is plundering Syria”, Vang said, “This banditry deepens the energy and humanitarian crisis in Syria. The right to live of the Syrian people is being violated by the USA. “The Syrian people will try to survive the black winter with little oil and food,” he said. Stating that the US forces smuggled 60 tankers and trucks of oil and grain from Syria at the beginning of this month, Vang said, “While the US is buying and giving, the countries are in turmoil, and then reaping the fruits of this for its own hegemony and interests. This is what the US calls ‘order based on rules’,” he said.


A Significant Part Of Syria ‘s oil reserves are located in the northeast of the country. Most of these regions are under the control of the SDF, which is an extension of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG. It is known that the oil facilities here are protected by the US, which is in alliance with the SDF in the region . In August last year, the Ministry of Petroleum under the Damascus administration announced that the US’s practices in the region, including oil smuggling, caused direct and indirect losses of 107 billion Dollars To Syria’s Hydrocarbon Sector.




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