Abruzzo 2009 earthquake: Cipess approves the reconstruction

Abruzzo 2009 earthquake: Cipess approves the reconstruction.


Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister, was enthusiastic about the approved measures useful for starting important and strategic investments in the area. Cipess has approved some provisions on infrastructure, territorial cohesion, post-earthquake reconstruction, health, agriculture, the environment, internationalization of Italian companies, and production activities. Confirmed the amount of 329,741.82 euros for the Restart development program in relation to the 2009 earthquake in the Abruzzo region. 


The assignment to the Special Office for the municipalities of the crater (Usrc) of resources equal to 2,419,776.20 euros has also been approved. A coverage of the compulsory expenses for the essential functions to be carried out in the places affected by the 2009 earthquake. Another approval for the allocation of loans in favor of the territorial administrations aimed at the reconstruction activities after the 2009 Abruzzo Abruzzo earthquake.

Further approval for the reconstruction of the former Inapli building, subject to financing with two assignments from the Cipe. Another confirmation for the contribution of 20 million euros for the activity of the IRCCS aimed at citizens residing in regions other than those they belong to. The distribution of financial resources for the National Health Service for the year 2021 has also been approved. An additional 14 million euros for the increase in contractual funds in the field of management and the health profession. Also confirmed the contributions distributed in 2021 for compensations in favor of the territories hosting sites of nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle plants. 50% goes to the Municipalities where the plant is located, 25% to the relative Province and 25% to the neighboring Municipalities. 


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