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A Zelda veteran is developing a PlayStation exclusive title

The world of video games is made up of ebbs and flows, and now a Zelda veteran is working on a Chinese open world for PS5.

The Chinese video game market is growing tremendously, so much so that it can afford to have a Zelda veteran to develop a PlayStation exclusive.


Also thanks to the great exploits of Genshin Impact , which has grown so much that it has its own line of gadgets such as the Funko Pops that you can find on Amazon .

A title which, among other things, has grown so much as to push the company to translate the game into many languages, including Italian with a dedicated version on the way.


And while Zelda is about to return with the highly anticipated Tears of the Kingdom , which could twist the franchise’s canon , a veteran of the series is creating a new adventure.

As VGC reports from a report by Serkan Toto , CEO of Japanese game industry consultancy Kantan Games, Nintendo’s Kentaro Tominaga has teamed up with Chinese developer Papergames.


Tominaga will be working on an open-world version of mobile dress-up game Love Nikki , an open-world port for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


It’s called Infinity Nikki , and was unveiled with a first trailer:

As you can see from the trailer, there are evidently nods to visuals that look similar to modern Zelda titles , most notably The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Kentaro Tominaga has worked on many episodes of the saga , from Wind Waker in the role of assistant director up to Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, up to the management of the expansions of Breath of the Wild.


Speaking of Wind Waker , curiously it was recently revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t have a very positive first approach to the game, precisely because of his style.

Speaking of open worlds, there is a horror saga that has decided to make a major breakthrough and dedicate itself to this new approach, and that’s what you would never expect.


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