A Twitter investor sues Elon Musk for the acquisition


It is no longer just Twitter that is attacking Elon Musk : now investors are starting to make their own move. This time, one is enough, which has prepared a class action to block Musk from withdrawing from the agreement made with the company of the bird Larry.

The person in question is Luigi Crispo , who accuses Musk of breaking his fiduciary duties towards investors. Recall that Musk last month tried to back down from the agreement made for the acquisition of Twitter , claiming that the company had made false and misleading statements, especially regarding the number of fake accounts and bots.

Luigi Crispo confirms, as Twitter spokespersons did, that these allegations by Musk are totally false, made only to back out of a valid agreement . The battle of lawsuits continues, given that after the one initiated by Twitter against Musk, the Tesla CEO immediately responded with a counter-accusation.

Luigi Crispo currently holds 5,500 shares , with a total value to date of 223,000 dollars (40.55 dollars per share) but which with the purchase of Musk would have had a value of 300,000 dollars (given that the Tesla CEO would have bought them at $ 54.20 each).

  • Twitter investor sues Elon Musk in a bid to force through $ 44 billion takeover (


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