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A recent Windows 11 update has killed Google Chrome for many customers of some antivirus

A recent Windows 11 update has “killed” Google Chrome for many customers of some antivirus

Users using Malwarebytes, WatchGuard, and many other antiviruses have found that Windows 11 prevents Google Chrome from opening properly.


The recently released KB5027231 cumulative update for Windows 11 22H2 is causing problems for Google Chrome for all users of Malwarebytes, a popular antivirus recently, despite itself, lost in a complex lawsuit .

The update prevents Chrome from starting properly due to a conflict . Administrators report that on paper uninstalling the update would solve the problem, but in practice it is not possible to do the operation through Windows Server Updates Services, again due to another problem.

BleepingComputer magazine reported that the same update also causes problems on systems protected by Cisco and WatchGuard and some other antiviruses. Users have experienced Chrome not opening after installing the update and have found workarounds such as terminating some services or uninstalling certain security software. WatchGuard has confirmed that Chrome will not open if anti-exploit protection has been enabled.

“This morning we received a huge amount of reports from numerous users, complaining that Google Chrome would not appear on the screen after trying to open it,” said an administrator. “After some trials and numerous failures, I have found that terminating the Secure Endpoint service or uninstalling the Secure Endpoint allows Chrome to open again,” said a WatchGuard administrator.


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