A new material that would replace air conditioners forever


By now we all know the negative consequences of global warming, one among many: the ruinous climate change that makes summers very hot. For this reason, there is a growing need for technologies that help keep buildings cool with eco-sustainable solutions and possibly at reduced costs, given the expensive energy. University of Notre Dame scientists are developing a clear coating that lowers temperatures without expending a single watt.


The coating, which has been referred to as “Clear Radiator” is made from common materials such as silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide or titanium dioxide. Alternating layers are placed on a glass base and covered with a film of silicone, which comes as an oil, called polydimethylsiloxane. Computer models and artificial intelligence have calculated the right combination of these elements to obtain a good final result. “This method of calculation produced a cladding design that, when fabricated, outperformed conventionally designed radiators, as well as one of the best commercial heat-reducing glass on the market.”

The researchers also made use of quantum technology, which stores data using subatomic particles. In hot, dry cities, this technology has the potential to reduce air conditioning consumption by about a third. The researchers add that the “transparent radiator” could also be used for cars, buses and trains.

  • High-Performance Transparent Radiative Cooler Designed by Quantum Computing. (


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