A new crisis before the end of the Ukraine war… Flash decision: They recruited women too!

The world has been watching the war between Russia and Ukraine in fear for months. While the war, which cost tens of thousands of lives, continues at full speed, a flash decision came from Taiwan.

A new crisis before the end of the Ukraine war… Flash decision: They recruited women too!

The eyes and ears of the world are on the news from Ukraine for 11 months…


But there is also the possibility of war thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

The tension between China and Taiwan cannot be reduced. A flash decision came from Taiwan, which continues its preparations against the Chinese invasion.

It was announced that women would also be given reserve soldier training in case of a Chinese invasion.

The statement came from Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense. In the statement in question, it was stated that 220 female soldiers will be allowed to participate in the trainings in the second quarter of this year.

Military training for women had been on Taiwan’s agenda before. Some Taiwanese politicians have argued that not giving women military training is discrimination.


However, at that time, the Ministry of Defense announced that women could not be included in the trainings due to the lack of resources in the military.

Taiwan and China separated during the civil war in 1949. However, China still maintains its claim on the island.

China considers Taiwan as a part of its territory, and while the Chinese administration wants to take over the administration of Taiwan under the name of ‘peaceful reunification’, it states that it will not hesitate to use force for this cause.

In addition , official contact with Taiwan by other countries is considered as a ‘violation of sovereignty’ by China.

In the East China Sea, the archipelago called ‘Senkaku’ by Japan and ‘Diaoyü’ by China causes tension between the two countries.


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