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A mod gives birth to the first Android phone with a Lightning port


There are many users who own one of the devices of the Cupertino giant and who would like to be able to use a USB type C charging cable , but the opposite situation is certainly not so likely. However, with more and more iPhone mods being seen on the net, and leading users to insert working USB Type-C devices, there are those who have also thought of working on the opposite solution.


We speak specifically of the robotic engineering student Ken Pillonel , who has decided to take the proprietary port of an iPhone X and replace it with a type C, selling the device for $ 86,000 . The story continued with the creation of a Samsung Galaxy A51 that offers a working Lightning connector. Everything was shown in the YouTube video that you can see below, as taken on the Android Police pages , with the boy ironically explaining that he wants to balance his actions by creating an Android phone with a Lightning port.

As shown, the operation is not that difficult, even if the preparation was not small and additional parts were also needed. It must be said that not only the modified Samsung Galaxy A51 can be loaded thanks to the port in question, but also that this even allows data exchange. According to the student himself, everything should not be taken seriously, especially considering that everything was uploaded on April 1, 2022 .

So now that the balance has been found, all that remains is to see what the user in question will come up with to create really interesting devices, which despite not being designed for mass marketing certainly have a way of making people smile thanks to their over the top potential .


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