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A gigantic PS5 has appeared in Rome: Sony’s promotional campaign continues

A gigantic PS5 has appeared in Rome: Sony’s promotional campaign continues.


The promotional campaign dedicated to PS5 also continues in Italy with some initiatives that aim to celebrate the renewed availability of the console on the market. For the occasion, in the center of Rome and more precisely in via del Corso, a gigantic PS5 has appeared which rises from the ground at over 5 meters in height.


In the new spot, which you can find below and which is presented as a sort of  live news from PS5 , Diana del Bufalo gives the floor to some journalists present on site to document the strange sightings around Italy. In addition to the giant PS5, the footage also shows the presence of a strange footprint on the beaches of Naples (a clear reference to Horizon Forbidden West’s Devour Thunder)

The PS5 statue was made by the Ninetynine company and will remain active from today, January 31, 2023 until February 5, 2023 . The creation of this faithful reproduction of the PS5 took more than 30 days of work and employed a team of 25 people. The structure was also built with a strong green footprint , thanks to the use of zero-impact and fully recyclable materials (such as polystyrene, metal and metamark), water-based paints and solar panels.

Finally, to actively involve Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia has also announced the opening of a special contest entitled ” PS5 Reporter for a day “. From today, January 31st, and until February 19th, you will be able to upload a video, an audio or a short text of a “news” on the PlayStation Gamer Board platform on the extraordinary phenomena related to the PlayStation 5 world that are “manifesting” in your city and thus become a special envoy of the PlayStation universe.



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