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A former Twitter employee was accused of being a Saudi Arabian spy


former Twitter employee was accused of spying for the government of Saudi Arabia for years . Ahmad Abouammo worked for the social network from 2013 to 2015, in those years he would have played the role of fixer for several prominent Middle Eastern personalities, for example by organizing privileged tours in the Twitter headquarters, or by facilitating the obtaining of the ‘Blue Check ‘.

But the most serious accusation is another: Ahmad Abouammo allegedly abused his access to user data to carry out dossier activities on Saudi dissidents . Information that would then be passed on to the government in exchange for bribes , valuables and other gifts. Ahmad Abouammo would have illegally earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in this way.

Ahmad Abouammo will have to answer for the crimes of espionage for a foreign state, fraud and self-laundering of money.

The allegations date back to 2019. Another former Twitter employee, Ali Alzabarah, was also charged at the time. Acting as a spy for the Saudi government, Abouammo would have illegally collected information on some people deemed hostile to the monarchy, including telephone numbers, serial codes of devices connected to the social network, IP addresses. Information that the Saudi monarchy would later use to identify and locate dissidents.

After leaving Twitter, Abouammo also worked for Amazon only to be arrested in 2019. He is currently free on bail pending trial.



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