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A dangerous new virus is called Borat, after the character of Sacha Baron Cohen


It’s called Borat , after the character invented by Sacha Baron Cohen, and it’s a rather dangerous piece of malware . Borat is what is known in the jargon as Remote Access Trojan, or RAT , which is malware that allows hackers to completely take control of the infected machine.


This includes all of the computer’s functions and peripherals, such as the keyboard and mouse, as well as access to installed files and network resources.

Borat was discovered by researchers at Cyble Research Labs , who pointed out that the malware can be used to launch DDOS attacks, install ransomware, and many other malicious purposes, among other things. In short, it is an extremely versatile trojan.

The Borat RAT control interface itself takes up the homage to Baron Cohen’s mockumentary, so much so that the virus logo is none other than the actor with a filter that makes his skin green, giving him a rather disturbing look.


Borat can also gain access to any webcam and microphone installed on the computer, making it a great tool for spying on the victim.


In their conclusions , the researchers define Borat RAT as a «unique and unprecedented combination of characteristics typical of RATs, Spyware and Ransomware, peculiarities that make it a triple threat to any system that is compromised» and therefore Borat must be considered a « threat to be watched very closely.’



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